Repin, Chuguev, Local house

REPIN, Ilya Yefimovich (1844-1930)

This is the house (homestead) of Repin's grandmother, where Repin's parents lived, and where Repin was born in 1844. Located in Chuguev surrounding, on the riverside, at the last corner of the Osinovka settelment. (This old homestead later sold for debt, then lost a part of land by the inundation. Today we see there nothing but a memorial stone for Repin's birth place.) Though, it's not clear for me to distinguish their homestead in the photo. The far one?

слобода Осиновка / 2 chimneys on the roof. / the last view from the river side / * photo by Repin Memoreal Museum

Repin's parents soon built a new house at the foot of Gridina mountain, in Chuguev (ex - Nikitinskaya Ulitsa, today - Rozy Liuksemburg, 8). Repin spent his time in this place till 19 years old, when he went to Saint Petersburg to study.

He visited this place different times during the academy, when his mother got sick, and later till 1914? to realize his ambicious project "the artistic center in Chuguev", which was demolished by the world war I.

Especially in 1876-77, after 3 years' Europe, he had stayed and painted for a year at this place, where Repin Memorial Museum? But it is not exactly a parents' house, isn't it?

photo: Repin house, 1941 / Repin Memorial Museum (ex- Nikitinckaya Ulitsa, today- Roza Liuksemburg, 8)

Inside Museum photos, Museum garden photos, A couple's visit in Museum

These local houses were painted by Repin in that period. Do you understand, which house and in which corner Repin painted exactly? Need to visit Chuguev!

"Chuguev", 1876 / title? Once cut stolen from the museum / Makhnachi Village, 1877 / Makhnachi Near Chuguev, 1877 / View Beneath Chugue / Cherry trees springv / "Peasant House", 1880 / Cherry blossoms, 1893

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