Repin, 1876-1877, Chuguev

REPIN, Ilya Efimovich (1844-1930)

Focusing on Repin's Chuguev period in 1876-1877. Chuguev is Repin's birth place, Kharkov prefecture in Ukraina. First, let's take a glance on Repin's young days!

1857: 13 years old, he began his career as an apprenticeship with a local icon painter, Bunakov and also got a practise of portrait painting.

1863-69: Saint Petersburg. First, at the drawing school, where he had known Kramskoj and been influenced. Then at the Imperial Academy, lead by Dzhukovskj. Got a Minor Gold Medal by "Job and his friends".

1870: "Society for Travelling Art Exhibitions = Peredvizhniki" was founded, for which Kramskoj was one of the important leaders. Repin also was caught by the idea, and began to participate in 1874.

wikipedia: Peredvizhniki (photo-1885)

1870-73: Travel on Volga. "Barge Haulers on the Volga"

"Barge Haulers on the Volga (Russian Museum, St. Petersburg)"

1871-72: "Slav Composers" confirmed his public fame.

"Slav Composers (Moscow Conservatory)"

1872: "The Raising of Jairus' daughter" gave him a 6 years' Academy scholarship in Europe.

"The Raising of Jairus' daughter (Russian Museum, St. Petersburg)"

1873-76: Sojourn in Italy, and in Paris in France, with wife and daughter. "A Parisian Cafe," "Sadko"

"A Parisian Cafe, (1875)", 7 millions USD, London, 2011 / "Sadko (Russian Museum, St. Petersburg)"

1876-77: In summer, coming back in Russia from Europe. October, he visited to his birth place, Chuguev with his wife and children, had stayed for a year till 1877 September. There, he had worked some variants of his masterpiece "Religious Procession in Kursk Province", portraits of the local people, including "Archdeacon", and some landscapes.

"Coming Back Home (1878), shown at exhibition in 1930s' then disappeared. Sold for 1 million USD, London, 2010 / "Archdeacon (Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow)" / Repin's first wife and children

1878-1882: Moscow, Abramtsevo (Artists' village by mecenate Mamontov) period, where Repin was inspired to his future masterpiece "Zapolodzhsky Cossak Letter to the Turkish Sultan (1878-91)". He frequented Chuguev for his mother's illness, till her death in 1880.

Repin's mother, Tatiana Stepanovna, 1879

Sabba Mamontov and Repin's contemporary artists

1882: Coming back in Saint Petersburg, with the intention to work for Peredvizhniki. Repin's works exhibited for Peredvizhniki were:

"Sophia Alekseevna in a monastery (1879)" / "Religious Procession in Kursk Province (1883, Tretiakov Gallery)", "Unexpectedly (1884)" / "Ivan the Terrible and His Son Ivan (1885, Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow)"

1887: Goodbye to Peredvizhniki, because they became closed to accept young artists as members. In the same year, he was divorced (left 4 children).

Other personal events: 1893, Academy member. 1894-1907, prof career. 1899, bought Repino (Penaty: the Roman household gods), where he lived till his last days.

* Biography basic data in this page referred from: Wikipedia in Russian

Ok, now let's look at his works chronologically.

Artworks Chronologically

Chuguev period in 1876-1877, also many works, and many portraits! We know, he was an excellent portraitist during all his career, and painted many figures in his masterpieces.

He arrived in Chuguev, set up his atelier next to his parents' house, and worked, some variations for one of his masterpieces "Religious Procession in Kursk Province (1883, Tretiakov Gallery)", portraits of the local people, including "Archdeacon", and some landscapes.

No slow village life! Very active! He came back from Europe with confidence that his Russia will give him much more than European art. My worry about him was betrayed, that he was bothered by his mother's illness, or that he had to digest all culture gaps after Russia-Europe-Russia! Not bad for Ilya Efimovich!

He was naturally hanging around Chuguev, Mokhonachi, and painted. prairie, hill, country houses, river, apple trees. Let's see this! Go down, and see some landscapes of this period. (Chuguev landscape paintings located in very various places in the world.)

Repin Chguev Landscape

I know some more. Anyway, not so many landscapes for a Russian artist. Maybe more spread in the world? Just we don't know? Hope to see more!


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